Italian Ceramic Tile

italian ceramic tileItalian Ceramic Tile

Whether you're renovating your existing house, or building your dream home, you will be discussing and considering various types of surfacing and décor. While you're sure to think about materials like hardwood flooring or granite countertops, you may not be aware of the option to utilize Italian ceramic tile.
Great craftsmen have been making clay tiles in Italy for centuries, taking care to reproduce traditional designs and techniques. Today, this warm and elegant look can be part of your home décor. Some companies in the Toronto area offer tiles manufactured in the style of traditional Italian ceramics – and other companies sell the genuine article, tiles imported directly from craftsmen in Tuscany, Milan, or other parts of the country.
Using Italian Tiles
There is a great variety of tiles available to the homeowner in the GTA. There are also a great many uses for Italian ceramic tiles. Whether you want to create a space with an air of worldly sophistication, or a cozy sanctuary for family, you will be able to find tiles to suit your needs.
Although Italian ceramic tiles may be used throughout the house, one of the most common areas for this beautiful tile is the kitchen. There are numerous ways in which Italian ceramic tile can be employed here. You could use the tile on the floor. Italian ceramic tile is easy to clean, and durable, and can be used to create many different types of flooring effects.
You may, for instance, use tiles of a similar size and pattern for the entire floor. Or you may decide to use differing sizes and styles of tile. Employ geometric patterns or use a more random scheme. Use a particular style of tile to border the room, and fill in the centre with contrasting tiles. By varying the size, colour, and design of tiles, you can create a mosaic effect.
You may choose tiles with pictures, designs, or colours. Sometimes designs are embossed on the surface of the tile for a textured effect. Others have metallic glazes or high-gloss finishes. Tiles are available in every colour of the rainbow, and with all sorts of patterns, including geometric, floral, fruit, and tiny central hearts.
A Variety Of Locations
Another common use for Italian ceramic tile is for the backsplash. This usage displays the tiles as though they were tiny paintings arranged in a gallery. There are plenty of hand-painted artisanal tiles to choose from.
Think outside the box. Place decorative Italian tiles around a kitchen window, for instance, or tile your entire countertop. Put tiles on a wall, with a border row nearest the ceiling.
Installing Italian ceramic tile is a choice that requires a lot of time and consideration. To explore the different sorts of effects that are possible, visit a showroom that displays Italian tile; there are some reputable importers in the Toronto area.
By speaking with experienced personnel, you'll learn more about this beautiful art form and the many ways you can use Italian tiles to great effect in your home.